Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Sunday Edition

Well, its Sunday. I like Sundays. They're actually quite eventful for me, despite being the only day of the week I have 'off.'

But I did sleep in. And it was a good sleep-in, and I started the workout regiment that Amira set out for me, which, so far, appears to be doing well as well.

The day started as most others, with my good ol' porridge. Well, oatmeal. I'm really not sure if there's a difference. I'll Wikipedia it later. Although, if you look at it properly, Wikipedia is kindof the fast food of research and knowledge.

Anyway - so then I went to knitting. Which is always a good time with the girls. We don't have any guys in the knitting society besides myself unfortunately. I ate several pieces of fruit throughout and munched on some almonds and walnuts. Tragedy befell last night actually, when I was reaching into the cupboard above and my pecans fell into dishwater and were irreparably damaged. I mourned. I'll have to get some more tomorrow, but back to knitting. I'm working on an iPod sock and the girls were working on various projects. Hats, scarves, blankets, Zoe (with the zed key, not the zee key) is actually making a shirt. Looks nice - I told her I was going to make three, but I doubt I'll even get one finished.

At the meeting my vegetarianism took a forefront in conversation. Apparently its an interesting thing. So we discussed, and I explained how I'm substituting proteins and iron and everything else, and overall everyone thought it was neat I think. And the greenness is even coming out, as Zoe (again, with the zed key, not the zee) pointed out that by throwing out the apple core or banana peel, they'd just go to a landfill. And so, thankfully in my magical backpack of wonders, I had a ziploc bag so I could bring them home and dispose of them in the municipal compost bin. We also decided that knitting saves lives, as proven by Chi McBride on 'Pushing up Daises' when he saved them all with the cunning use of his knitting needles.

After that I did some research for a group project on toxic chemicals. It's for my Environment and Society Class, and as part of the project I'm to research the Government and Business interaction when it comes to the toxic chemical market. There'll be focuses on food labeling, allowable exposures, Business lobby groups, things like that. After the research and before the meeting I grabbed a cranberry juice and a muffin which filled the spot.

Afterward, on my trek home I ran into Kathleen at Shoppers Drugmart, and walked with her partway home (well, to about my house, which was on the way) (by the way, has anyone else noticed I apparently have a love affair with the comma?). I didn't have a particular mission at Shoppers, but I did tempt myself and didn't give in. Its funny, a lot of the things I used to eat I'm not very tempted by anymore. At least not in the third day.

And so, as a Sunday treat for myself for getting so much accomplished, I headed her to the movies and saw Resident Evil 3. Which isn't without its charm - I am a fan of the zombie movie, I will admit, and I do get a kick out of cinematic violence, especially of the superhero kind that was available in this one with Alice. Super powers, super strength and taking out a villainous corporation that has destroyed the World. Sometimes a simple black and white script makes one feel a bit better. Mostly it was just an action flick that let me tune out for two hours though.

One thing - I got a small box of popcorn, and hardly ate any of it. Far too salty, it hit the pallet and was almost immediately rejected. One of those things I suppose. A few weeks ago, if it had been a box of blueberry's or something, I'm sure my pallet would've had similar reaction. Plus movie popcorn is by no means top of the list when it comes to good popcorns to eat.

Well, I'm still a bit peckish as I haven't had a proper dinner yet, so I think I might make myself another bowl of porridge (I looked it up - oatmeal is traditionally reserved for the dry oats before being made into a porridge). Or maybe just a small bowl of Quinoa. I unfortunately didn't get to do my stuffed pepper, but maybe tomorrow for lunch. I also think I may tackle hummus.

As a final note, as I didn't get it into yesteday's post, I am very psyched that Amira, whom I speak praises of nearly every day here on my blog, has posted a paragraph about me in her most recent newsletter, which can be found at - I would suggest signing up. She offers some great recipes and resources and is the reason I'm doing this (well she gave the incentive - the reason is to become healthier and more aware of what I'm eating, which I'm discovering in spades).

Anyway, that's it for me for today.
Cheers all


Melissa said...

Yet again, another interesting post in a day in the life of Keck...which I ended up trying what I had talked to him about yesterday...which was trying to eat healthier and testy the theroy of feeling sluggish after unhealthy foods and well it works. I ate a banana this afternoon, being hungry and was filled until supper and wanted to do stuff, had energy, tonight we went out for ice cream which although tastes really good, leaves you with a, as Adam puts it, a sluggish feeling, so there is truth in it. And yes Adam I did notice you are in an affair of sorts with the comma, but yet again I think I am having an equal affair with run on sentences.

Shannon said...

Omg, hummus is so amazing. I love it on pitas. Its also really easy to make.