Friday, October 19, 2007

Day 1

Howdy folks,

Well - day one is nearly complete, I'm tired and I want to go to bed. But first - A post.

The day started off well - hit the snooze about fifty times before getting up, showering and rushing to work. On the way, I made my first good choice, which was a 12-grain bagel at Tim Horton's and an orange juice. A good breakfast by any accounts I would think.

At work I did well - for lunch I had a garden salad, which was quite filling actually, over at the Superstore, and I did some recon for that evening's grocery shop. Checking things out, finding the right bread, and where some items were located that I might've otherwise not found.

Unfortunately - this afternoon, my body started speaking up. As if to say "What the hell are you doing man?!"I could tell my manager was getting annoyed because she saw me 'wandering' a few times. What it actually was, was me heading to and from the washroom several times.

And so now we get to the grocery shop. Just after eight, I got to the Superstore, and bought over $140 worth of groceries, and not a single piece of meat or dairy touched my cart. I am drinking almond milk, I have a couple cubes of tofu, a giant bag of rice. Molasses bread, which I'm kindof excited about. All sorts of oats and seeds and nuts and beans to keep my iron and protein up. Fruits and vegetables for all those wonderful vitamins. And I'm excited to begin cooking.

Tonight I was tired, so I just made myself some oatmeal. With brown sugar and maple syrup. I forgot the cinnamon. A mistake that will not happen again. I never liked oatmeal as a child, and I did a poor job of making this bowl, but I'll get better with practise. Again - while eating, my body was going "What the heck is this? It has no fat, no grease, artificial flavorings (the maple syrup I have is proper Nova Scotia maple syrup), I don't like this." But I was determined, and finished the bowl and am quite satisfied. For the smaller portions I've eaten, I've been filled up and haven't felt sluggish all day after my meals. Which is a bit of a change, let me tell you.

But in one day of this, I have realized what a meat-centric world we live in. Passing all the fast-food chains, the only ones you can optionally not get meat (realistically) are Subway and Tim Hortons. I passed an M&M Meats, and even on TV, commercials for the Outback Steakhouse, all taunting me. But I shall not give in!

I forgot my camera, otherwise I would've taken pictures of my grocery shop. I'll start remembering it when I get cooking.

Anyway, I have work early tomorrow morning, so I am off to bed. The first day was a success. And I'm ready for day 2.

Cheers all


Mell said...

You hitting the snooze button? Not we are all guilty of that. As for oatmeal I don't think we're really supposed to like it, it's just quick to make and filling...just my take on the oatmeal thing. You'll have to let me know how molassas bread and almond milk tastes like...sounds interesting!!! Well sounds like a very good first day for you...congratulations on completing day one!!!

m.ler said...

yayyy Adam.. just wait till you get into the green beans!!! I LOVE almond milk!

Shannon said...

Sounds like youre off to a good start Adam!