Thursday, October 25, 2007

And the Lord Said, Let There Be Funk

Good morning.

Its just past 1 here in Antigonish and I just got in from the first sober night at a bar I've ever had. It was interesting. But we'll get to that afterward, as I always do my blogs in chronological order (in the order in which it happened to me in the day).

Today was a bit rushed. Woke up late, so I grabbed a 12-grain bagel and an apple juice on the way to class to supplement my normal breakfast of porridge. It was good, but I forgot to grab an apple on the way out, so not quite as filling.

But I made it to class, where we discussed Biodiversity Loss - which was cool because I had just finished a paper on the topic in another class so I had a bunch of data to back myself up. One really interesting point though, in my mind, because I think its often forgotten by most (including myself). That plantlife is very much included in biodiversity loss and extinction. Most people consider the Panda and the Whales and all sorts of other animals and kindof forget that the plants suffer from biodiversity loss as well. And if the plantlife has less genes to go around, then its like humans - they begin to suffer from ailments and are more susceptible to diseases and illnesses and then these plants really are threatened with extinction.

Anyway, that's my pseudo-biology rant for the day. Afterward I finished my observations and field notes, this time with only being interrupted a couple times for short periods so it was a pretty solid observation day. After that, I got a new haircut. I still need batteries otherwise I'd have a picture for all of you, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

I'm currently looking for a tofu (doesn't necessarily need to incorporate tofu, but it needs to be vegetarian) meatloaf recipe if anyone knows of a good one out there. I've got some slightly stale bread I need to use up before it goes bad, and meatloafs are traditionally good for that.

Didn't really have much of a lunch, outside of munching on some carrot sticks, but for dinner I finally used Quinoa. And its quite the interesting grain. Another new texture, and a little goes a long way. I accidentally made too much. It's quite filling. And I did it with a stirfry-type meal. Though I've decided I'm learning how to make different sauces to give different spices and flavors to my meals.

After dinner I had Positive Space Training. Which is a fantastic thing by the way. It's run by the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender) community, and its a program designed to inform individuals and groups on the issues and the situations surrounding that community. The program is designed to make those of us who are trained Allies to the LGBT Community. We then make ourselves visible to the community for anyone who might be seeking information or help regarding gender and sexuality issues. It's an excellent program, and I'd suggest that anyone interested in becoming an ally to contact me and I can get you into contact with those who set up the sessions.

I then came home, got changed and headed out for the night. I stopped first to see my friend Donna-Marie, as I hadn't visited her in a while and she lived near the bar where I was going to see the band, so it was a good middle-point to take a rest before going out. Also, her roomate was going to the show, so I went over with her, so as not to seem like a loser going to a show alone. lol. Anyway, Donna-Marie had a good visit and watched The Bionic Woman, which is a half-decent show so far. I didn't hold out high hopes, but its proving to hold its own weight against the slew of other new shows that are flooding the television waves.

Then Natalie arrived (the roomate) and we headed to the bar with her boyfriend to go see the band. I was there about half an hour before the band started and hooked up with the folks I was supposed to meet here, had a conversation with them, had a couple glasses of water and then it was to the dance floor because the band was starting. We jumped and jived and danced like crazy people right in the front row, and had ourselves a wicked good times. I believe the rest of them are still having a great one.

I myself also had a really good time, but with a couple critique's. The band, though fantastic, played basically the same set, which doesn't always really do it for me. I want to hear new stuff. Also, in the best of times I'm not a crowd person. Especially not a sweaty, drunken shovy crowd. And I lost the girls while I was at the front, and couldn't find them again, so I grabbed a bottle of water and figured it was about time for home. I'm a little famous for my 'Alright, I'm done for the night' moments. I often don't stay til close.

It was interesting however, because, as you know, along with the vegetarianism, I've cut out alcohol to the exception of special occasions (my friends birthday I might have a drink or two, and for halloween I might be tempted to have one or two drinks as well). And its a health reason too. Alcohol takes at least a week to get out of your system completely, and its linked to just about every known cancer ever. Not that I want anyone feeling guilty about drinking. I'm quite the fan of it myself. I've just recently been getting the feeling that in my life its becoming a bit excessive and I really should cut back. And what better time to make changes than when you're making other changes? Just another adventure to behold. And you know what, dancing and hanging out with everyone at the bar: Its still just as good once they get over the fact that its a glass of water in your hand and not another drink.

So I'm home, and that's been my day. Not the most exciting, really not any huge adventures, but an informative one with lots of friends and some dancing at the end. A good day overall.


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Melissa said...
I don't know if it will taste good or not, sounded like the best one when I looked it up? If you try it, you'll have to let me know what you think of it.