Thursday, October 18, 2007

Post # the first

Well folks,

I just started this tonight at 1:06 AM Atlantic Time. This is the beginning of my recounting of adventures in my life. For the next three weeks it'll be the recounting of my Vegetarian Adventure that I'm going to embark on Friday, October 19th. For now I will describe Wings.

Because as I'm embarking on this adventure, (I'll explain the vegetarian adventure more in my post tomorrow) I am pursuing a series of 'lasts'. Tonight was my last beer, and my last wings at the Pub. Though I'll still frequent the Pub on Wednesday's with my favorite friends, I will not be partaking in the wings or the beer unfortunately. The not partaking in beer is a personal choice of mine to add to the going vegetarian. Again, I'll explain in greater detail tomorrow.

Also on the lists of lasts is pop. I've decided to cut out pop as well, as I'm a veritable addict to coke and pepsi. And I believe I should radically cut down and cut it out of my diet, so as to make myself healthier.

Well, this post is probably rather short and boring as I'm concluding it now. Its 90% just so I can have a first post as I set up my new blogspace as this is the first blog I've ever set up and its being set up for 'The Vegetarian Adventure'.

Cheers all,


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Melissa (aka Mel) said...

Okay so I know its like technically 1:29 AM your time, but over here in Ontario it's 11:49 AM, so I'm wishing you all the best luck as you start your 21 day experiment with being a vegetarian/ alcohol-free, no pop person and hope you can do it. Sounds like a lot on your plate but I know you as a determined, willful person who once puts his mind on something will accomplish it, and have no doubt that this will be the same. So congratualtions on your lifestyle choice and good luck Adam!!!