Sunday, October 28, 2007

She's just a Pacifist, He's just a Patriot.

Hey Folks,

Its Sunday. And as you all know, I'm a fan of Sundays. They're my only true day "off" even though it winds up full of events and projects and things I don't get to do the rest of the days of the week.

Started off the day, waking up nice and late. Slept in till about 11:45 and lazed around until 2 PM. Had some toast and then headed it off for my Knitting Society meeting where I finally (after about eight months) finished my ipod sock. It's the first project I've created with the use of the four-needle method of knitting as opposed to the two-needle method. It's a wreck, with all sorts of mistakes and it wound up being too big, but I like it. It has character.

Other than that, knitting was same as it ever was. We hung around, gossiped, spoke of our weeks and weekends. Every Sunday we're there - anyone interested in learning how to knit is welcome to come by. We'll teach you - just grab some needles and yarn from 5 to a dollar or Wal-Mart and come on down. 2-4 Sundays.

After that I finished off my research and presentation setup for my Soc 323 project on toxic chemicals. My section was on Government Legislation, both domestic and international. Pretty interesting stuff to me, but most probably read the last sentence and tune right out. I think I condensed it quite well, and the project is looking good. We were a good group together. Able to delegate and figure out our tasks to get it done as efficiently as possible. We should be good to go for tomorrow.

Tonight for dinner I really treated myself. I made myself a vegetable curry. Patak's makes a curry paste that is quite tasty (and in a variety of spice intensities). I just had a mild curry tonight, but it was tasty nonetheless. Potatoes, tomatoes, onion, garlic and a bit of tofu for protein, all with a Garlic Naan. It was fantastic. And went over far better than the girls pizza. I dunno how the Alexander's Pizza Delivery Guys drive, but their first pizza (they returned it for a new one) the cheese and toppings had all slid off to one side. It was pretty hilarious from my point of view, cooking my delicious and nutritious curry.

Other than that, I just did some touching up work on this project, and called home to the family, who are all doing well back in Ontario. I'll be seeing them in less than 2 months. Flying home December 25th at 6:20 AM. Looks like I'll be spending Christmas Eve with the Tim Horton's ladies. But I doubt I'll be the only camper, we'll have our own great Christmas Eve together I'm sure. Get some booze and drink the night away (albeit discreetly lol).

Do yourself a favour and download and listen to 'Gulf War Song' by Moxy Fruvous. Fantastic song (I suggest because it just came on my iTunes).

Well that's it for me tonight. Have an early day tomorrow of meetings and classes and negotiations. We'll see what interesting situations I wind up in.

Cheers all

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Shannon said...

You're not coming home til Christmas?? BOOOOOO. Jade, Jessie and I were talking about seeing if we could meet up in Ottawa and drive you guys all back for christmas holidays! =(
I love curry. So much.