Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Hey Folks,

Well its Monday night, after Heroes and Journeyman, so its time for some bloggin about my day.

My two shows held me in captivity while I worked on my Halloween costume tonight. Its not exactly how I wanted it, but its working out well, except for a couple of engineering difficulties that I'll figure out tomorrow. For those in the dark, I am going to be the cardboard box robot walking around all night on Wednesday. Or at least until I trip, fall and the costume comes apart around me. Whichever comes first.

What else is new? Well, column is being sent to the printers tomorrow, which is exciting. You'll see me in print in next week's edition of the Xavarian Weekly. Very exciting. Tomorrow morning I get myself a headshot and then I'll be famous from there on in. lol.

Today I ventured into smoothie's - and let me tell you. Delicious. I made... are you ready for this? An apple-cinnamon peanut butter banana smoothie. Made with a gravenstein apple, a bit of cinnamon, a frozen banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Mix in half a cup of almond milk, blend and you have yourself one fine smoothie. Making myself another one tomorrow morning for breakfast.

For lunch I merely did a quick pasta, as I was in between classes and in a bit of a rush. Dinner was just some leftover curry and an apple while I was working on the costume.

Today in Environment and Society (my Soc Course) Our group did our presentation and it was successful in our eyes. We were excited to do it, and even more excited to get it done. It was on toxic chemicals, and we focused on a variety of topics, from industry, agriculture, government intervention all the way down to individual consumer use. There are startling numbers and figures out there when you discover how many chemicals we ingest over our lifetimes and how much is getting into the environment and bioaccumulating in the plants and animals, causing everything from mutations and birth defects, to the creation of superbugs and viruses that are adapting to our chemical formulas. Its scary stuff.

But not to leave you on a sad note, I also lost out again in negotiations. Apparently I'm just not a good negotiator. Myself, and Maria were fired actually, in a power game. We were in middle management positions, and due to a choice we made, siding more to the group with no power, rather than working with the Powers that Be, we wound up causing mayhem and were canned. Had a nice severance package of a blueberry muffin though. I didn't want to be middle management anyway.

I think anyway, when it comes to negotiations, I'm in a much better position when I have little to no power. Its from that point I can negotiate up and broker deals. From the other vantage points, as seen in the last two weeks, it's very difficult. The pressure and corrupting and scheming nature of power is truly a disastrous thing. Though lessons learned every time, for sure. We'll see. Plenty of the course left to make successful negotiations and make big wins.

As for overall vegetarianism and health, I am remaining quite successful, with a huge minimum in toxins entering my body, while the healthy-eating is at a definite top. No hardcore cravings in the last couple of days, which is nice as well. I'm already 11 days into it - past the halfway point, and I was surprised when I counted it out. It hasn't felt near that long. And it has been fantastic, all of the support that family and friends have given. I may even be joining a cooperative food-share with one of my roomates.

Well that's about all the excitement for may day. I'm off to bed.

Cheers All

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Melissa said...

I agree...middle management sucks. You get screwed either way! As for smoothies, glad you enjoy them, they are so delicious, I usually stick with the fruit ones like strawberry banana, mix of berries, etc but yours sounded interesting!