Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bow Not to the Caffeine Gods

Evening Folks

This is a post done in two parts. The first was before Humans and the Environment, my Tuesday Night course, and the other done after.

Well, I'm back doing observations at the SUB (and writing a quick bibliography - I hate bibliographies, always have. One of my pet peeves really). Had another stirfry with szechwan and I'm quite enjoying the taste. I think I'll have to get some of those peppercorns for myself and start making my own sauces and spice mixtures as I am a fan of the spicy.

One important point I feel I need to hit upon is to say that my thoughts are with those in California who are suffering through the blaze. I hope the weather starts to change before the entire State goes up in flames. For those of you not following the news, California is gripped in a tremendous drought and there have been massive forest fires, to the point where people are being evacuated. The CBC has an excellent encompassing report on it.

Today marked the beginning of my research into figuring out what to do with myself after I'm done school. And I discovered something interesting. There are all sorts of Canadian Internships (paid internships) for Organic Farmers. Several in Ontario and one out here in Nova Scotia that I'm seriously looking at as an option for post-post-Secondary life. I think it'd be great to work a season on an Organic Farm, figure out how these places are being run sustainably. Plus in Ontario they place me close to home so I can visit family throughout.

And though its not the only option (I have equally entertained ideas about becoming a plumber, doing internships in Africa and Europe and teaching English abroad) so far it seems like it'd be a good one right off the bat, and down the alley that I'm currently looking down with the vegetarian lens.

By lens I mean the way I'm looking at life through these new eyes, and how its important to not only be vegetarian, but perhaps also be a bit more activist. To pursue Organic Options and to look at how to cultivate, farm, and raise animals ethically and sustainably in a system that works with the Earth instead of trying to control and reorder it. In this way, even if I do go back to eating meat occasionally, a lot more research will have to be done in order to figure out where it came from, what the animal was fed, etc.

Thus concludes my pre-class section.


Addiction is a funny thing. Yesterday were the cravings, and today I'm looking at the effects of what happens after you purge something from your system, only to reintroduce it to yourself. I had a tea tonight, and figured, since it was Green, it wouldn't have much caffeine, so I'd be fine (green tea does have caffeine, its just not as processed as black). Boy was I wrong.

Throughout, I've had little slips, and every time I'm reminded of why I'm doing this, and how toxic a lot of the things we eat and drink are on our systems. A little bit of personal history first though. Since first year of University (I'm currently in Fifth), I had developed a slight tick. Couldn't reason out why it existed, it was just there, and was often related to stressful times. Well, over these last few days, its been significantly less - to the point where I can't really recall twitching at all really. Until tonight and that tea (my other slips were a can of 7UP on Saturday and movie popcorn on Sunday). And so, it seems that caffeine is a downfall for me. And so, it seems like I'll be avoiding it as much as possible from here on out. It was just plain bizarre; out of nowhere I was suddenly irritable, nervous, and twitchy. I quite literally couldn't sit still - I kindof felt like Freakazoid over it all - and I get the feeling the effects were that much stronger as I had been clearing my body out of such toxins. Truly amazing discoveries I'm making every day on this adventure.

Anyway, that's about it for me and my day. Please, everyone who reads, leave comments if you so desire and ask questions if you have any. I'll be more than happy to reply to them in future posts or be able to point you in the right directions to resources that would be able to help.

Cheers all

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Shannon said...

I wouldnt be able to give up cream soda. I think Id die a little inside =(