Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday Cravings

Good Evening,

How to start today's post? It was Monday (now technically Tuesday, but that's due to my shows). I try to do each post at the end of my day, so as to give an encompassing look. There were some interesting developments that I am excited about however. Started the morning the daily porridge and some fruit, no big change there, but it's a good place to begin.

I've started my observations for a research project over at the SUB (Student Union Building, also known as Bloomfield). Looking at student interaction through the lens of a recent vegetarian, and getting some interesting looks into peoples eating/study/social habits and how they all kindof interlink, and I'm attempting to extrapolate from that, the effects that potentially bad food might have on studying and interaction. Disclaimer however, that I am no doctor and am getting these ideas just from what I see. I only half have a research question, so its still all forming in my mind.

Now, on to the SUB Food, which is a large part of my examination. The first point is that its pointless to eat at the grill. Even the french fries are deep fried in the same batter as chicken fingers, chicken burgers and clams, so that takes them out of the market. The best bet is either the sub/wrap station for a veggie wrap, or to the stir fry location. Today I had my first stirfry with Italian vegetables, tofu and szechwan sauce on a bed of rice. It was good with a bit of spice, I thoroughly enjoyed it. And extremely cheap! Only $3. Made my life. And allowed me to check out the vegetarian option at the SUB, which is quite tasty, if a bit limited. Especially compared to the meat alternatives.

Today also marked the first day of cravings for those old foods that are so bad for you, but taste so good. A couple of times I nearly went into Tim Horton's and got the Iced Cappucino, and a few times I was tempted to grab that bag of Swedish berries, or a chocolate bar or bag of chips. And though, technically I'm allowed to eat them I've been attempting to cut those out too. The whole idea of you are what you eat. Once you start reading labels it really effects your views on foods and drinks. Amira gave some good advice on alternatives and how to combat these cravings however. She likened it to drug withdrawal, which isn't really far from the truth. I did consume a lot of coke and pepsi for the caffeine and the sugars, and so now that I've been four days without them, my body is starting to crave. Just like a smoker. So now its a game of will and alternatives. But I know I'll make it through, especially with the support of my friends and readers.

On the topic of friends and readers though, it is amazing that my choice to do this has inspired others to begin looking at their lives and their diets and looking at the alternative and healthier options to what is currently mainstream food. A couple of friends have peaked interest, and I know many others read the blog, which is astonishing. I'm amazed at how people have taken interest and are really into the journey as well, and want to be kept up to date on how I'm doing.
Well, after dinner at the SUB and conversation with some friends (I run into all sorts of people at the SUB while I'm there) I had my group meeting for Negotiations Class, and then Negotiations Class itself at 7. Which was an interesting one tonight. Mostly just a single negotiation, in which I wound up losing five dollars. It was our first negotitation with real money, and though I came up as a loser, I learned a lot of valuable lessons on relationship and trust building which will help me to plan and build negotiation relationships better in the future.

Then afterward, I continued with my Monday routine of watching Heroes and Journeryman on NBC. The only two shows I really watch. I download Robin Hood, a british series that started last year, and occasionally watch Chuck online, but that's about it for TV watching on my part. And they're all fantastic shows in my opinion. I would suggest giving them a view.

And breaking news - just came through and was basically officiated. I'm also going to be in print, ladies and gentlemen. As of next week's issues of the Xavarian Weekly, I will be writing a column for the health section. Which is quite exciting - make sure if you're a Xavarian that you check it out. I'll be talking about my adventures and trials as a Vegetarian at X, and maybe even putting in a recipe or two throughout the year to get your pallets salivating. I'll send a special thank you to Danielle who came up with the idea and pitched it to the Editor. You're awesome (contrary to popular belief, she does not eat babies in barbecue sauce)! (notice the exclamation point as well - she's a fan).

So that was Monday, October 22nd. Day four of the journey. Let's see what Tuesday has to offer

Cheers all


Melissa said...

Congratulations for getting the position at the newspaper, I'm sure you'll love it. And if changing yourl ifestyle is like quitting smoking, I feel for ya, I tried a couple times, it's really hard!!! But sounds like your curving off temptation pretty good!

Shannon said...

Looking at labels eventually makes you go crazy