Thursday, November 1, 2007

... There They Are, Standing in a Row/Halloween Blogness

Well folks, its been a couple days and I suppose I should update.

The last two days kindof blur together with the lack of sleep. Stayed up for approximately 24 hours from Wednesday to Thursday.

#1. The Costume. Took me three days to design and build. A cardboard box robot that, I daresay, kicked ass. Put together and set forth upon the World, I'd say if there were contests to be entered, I would have won. I call it "The Adamtron: We Come in Pieces. Some Assembly Required. Batteries Not Included." Everyone loved it, and I daresay I may take the original design and improve on the model for next year.

#2. My people. Went and drank with a group of people, many of whom I didn't really know. Others I knew, so it was a good mix. They were done up to be Peter Pan and the Lost Boys (and Tinkerbelle was in there too, along with the Crocodile, aka Judy) and Conor was Conor from The Boondock Saints. And out to the bar, it was great times dancing and carrying on - even if my costume wound up destroyed and in a corner by the end of the night. But it lasted most of the night, so I'm not overly saddened. The Adamtron fulfilled its purpose. There were three other robots out there, but I daresay I was the best - many others agree if you hop over to facebook and read the comments. And it was overall a fantastic night - we watched some Shawn of the Dead, we had some drinks, went dancing, and when we got back even watched the Princess Bride. Which is a fantastic movie by any ratings.

A couple pointers for when you want to build a robot costume however. Make sure that the torso box is no wider than your chest minus the shoulders. My shoulders wound up inside and it greatly diminished mobility. Also - design your helmet/headpiece for optimum vision. I hadn't, and had to be led around and have drinks placed in my hands the entire night. If your mobility and sight are impaired due to the costume, make sure you're with trustworthy people who won't abandon you. I thankfully had a good crew who kept me safe from falling down stairs and getting lost in lines. Though a warning: A large box is used by the people to push and bulldoze through lines - and inside the box, you have little control.

Now, I must reach back to the coconut. I told you before that there was some controversy over it. And its true - the coconut is high in saturated fat. At least the milk and the meat is. The water is fine and actually quite thirst-quenching apparently. But the meat, and the milk (that is created with the meat) has saturated fat - which is technically bad for you. Now the health benefits however, really almost balance the equation. With a properly balanced diet (don't eat five coconuts a day kind of thing) you will be able to benefit from this fantastic nut (The coconut is considered a nut, not a fruit). I'm going to get one or two and see what I can make it a coconut anyway - and I'll report back here on my findings.

Anyway, I have work tomorrow morning and am quite tired. Tomorrow night I head out for a grocery shop, which should be fun and hopefully less expensive than the first. I only need a few items really.

Well that's it from me for tonight. Goodnight

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Anonymous said...

booyah to halloween, booyah to being a vegetarian. I should've gone grocery shopping today, hope you made it - cause I didn't!