Sunday, November 11, 2007

'I Tried to think of the one thing that couldn't possibly destroy us...'

Hey folks,

I need a new opening line: Maybe even a new title for the blog to better represent what I talk about. I'm opening it up to suggestions, see what people think.

This week, I wasn't so impressed with the column I wrote. Next week I need to get back into top form and write a better one. This one deals with nutritional supplementation in a vegetarian or vegan diet. Which I think is important information to get out there to people, but for next week's article I want to dive back into things that are centric around Antigonish and really connect again with the ideas that revolve around being a vegetarian in smalltown Nova Scotia.

Anyway, that's about the column. And I love blogging as compared, because I can rant on endlessly, there's no need to really censor myself to remain unoffensive or not extreme, and my grammar doesn't have to be as good. Though good grammar is sexy, for anyone who was wondering.

The one main point of this post however is a harsh lesson learned. I went 20 days without eating animal product (excluding the occasional something with egg or milk product in them - as its hard to avoid). Moreover, basically I cut out red meat entirely, while also not eating chicken or eggs directly and I'm making progress in cutting them out more and more. But anyway, I went 20 days of the 21-day challenge (which ended Friday by the way, I'll talk more about that afterward). It was on the 21st day that I received a huge lesson. And if there's anything that Ghostbusters has taught us, it is that Marshmallows are the root of all evil. That's right - the one thing that thwarted me on this vegetarian journey wasn't roasted chicken, or a burger, or even a beautiful porterhouse steak - it was a marshmallow. For those of you who are now thoroughly confused, let me tell you about gelatin. Gelatin is a kindof gooey product that is placed in many desserts as a kindof thickener and make-jiggly-er, as in with jello. Gelatin is made from animal bone and tendons - most often cow or pig. Which makes it animal-product, especially that of the red meat animal variety. You can imagine the thwarted feeling I had after eating a marshmallow first, before reading the ingredients. And so thus, the marshmallow, as proven by Ghostbusters, is an evil, terrible thing disguised in puffy deliciousness.

But aside from that example, I completed my vegetarian challenge, and let me tell you, it feels good. It doesn't feel good to be over - in fact it's continuing - it feels good that I accomplished the challenge and am really feeling better in my life. I'm healthier, I've lost weight, my attitudes towards most things are better, I've met a wonderful girl, and everything seems to be coming up Millhouse (err... Adam). It is truly amazing what a change in diet can do for someone. And all it is, is considering the food you eat, which really isn't all that difficult. After 3 weeks I hardly have cravings for meat anymore, and when I do its mostly for chicken. Red Meat doesn't even hit the radar anymore.

I also figured out that Amira is quite clever. As most of you know, when I started this, my body went through a phase of "What the hell are you doing to me?!". Well, now that three weeks have passed, I look at what my diet used to be, and what it is now, and the changes that would have to take place to go back there, and think my body would probably go through many of the same, if not worse, pains. And I'm not a big fan of unnecessary pain. Plus it would require another very expensive grocery shop, when my cupboards are now stocked and prepared for a vegetarian diet. Now, I don't know if Amira did this kind of timing on purpose, or whether its just happenstance and I'm making odd connections, but I would suggest that if she does this again next October that someone who reads this blog take up the challenge and become Vegetarian for 21 days. Next time around, I'll be going Vegan (if I don't before that point).

Speaking of wonderful ladies in my life, I went over to Nadia's place last night (that's her name) and made us a dinner. A curry dish, comprised mainly of potato, with green pepper and green beans as well. It wasn't the best I've ever made, and was missing tomato, which I felt was crucial, but it was good nonetheless - and as always I made too much, and so I think made a good impression on the roomates as I fed them as well. It's always important to get in good with the roomates. One of them is from my hometown of St. Thomas actually. The famous Danielle who I keep confirming and denying eats babies here on the Blog.

I want to toss up a recipe, and give a shout-out as well though. One of the best discoveries I've found so far, is that bananas can be used as a substitute for eggs in some baking recipes. I made some oatmeal cookies tonight and they were fantastic. Props has to go out to and Satan, who submitted it (Hey - he might be the devil, but he has good cookie recipes. I'm not here to judge). You can find the recipe here. And let me tell you, they are fantastic. I added walnuts to the recipe and would've added caramel or butterscotch chips if I had any. My roomate gave them a try as well and said they were very good. "They feel healthy" was an exact quote from her. They are absolutely delicious and scrumptious and everything else. Made me fall in love a little bit with baking. Which is interesting because I'm not much of a baker. Anyone who's ever seen my cooking style will know I don't tend to measure and am actually quite erratic around the kitchen.

Oh, a retraction from the last post on my blog. This is regarding Kayleigh, whom I referred to as Pat's lovely lady. I'd just like to say right here right now, that this is by no means a sexist or prejudiced column and I accept everyone as their own person. Kayleigh, you are of course your own woman and a lovely lady in your own right. As Pat said the other night "I don't own her". Which is very true. Anyway, just had to put that out there. Hope this makes amends Kayleigh.

... And remember: To destroy the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, cross the streams of your proton packs in order to close the doors of the Sumerian Gods who are trying to destroy our World.
Cheers All

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Anonymous said...

you didnt know geletain was filled with bone marrow?! i thought everyone knew that jeesh adam what do they teach you in that university of yours. By the way why are you a veggie now, youre gunna miss out on all the delish food for Christmas!