Monday, January 7, 2008


Hey Folks,

Well it’s been a while, and I apologize for being gone so long. Let’s just say I went through a bit of a rough patch, and didn’t really have the ambition to update this as often as I used to – aka not at all. School become hugely overwhelming near the end, and a variety of personal issues also came up, most of which I’m really not entirely comfortable talking about on here. I talk about a lot, but there’s a lot I like to keep private as well.

Suffice it to say, I’m back. It’s a new term and I’ve got some goals, some ‘resolutions’ as it were, and I’m going to achieve them. I’m looking towards an all-around betterment of myself over the coming months as I prepare to enter the workforce, begin carving out a career, finding my niche in the World. A new job popped up in Halifax working with Species at Risk, which sounds pretty good.

I recall a similar event occurred in gr. 12 of Highschool – a sabotaging of my schoolwork because I was afraid to leave. I was moving 3 provinces away, didn’t know anyone out there and by the end of the 1st term had a great set of friends and life seemed to be going pretty well.

Thankfully by the end of the 2nd term I was able to salvage my GPA as by June of 2003 I was more than ready to get out of St. Thomas. I had had enough of that town and was ready for something new. I’m looking towards graduating University in the same light. Now I just need to track down at least seven tickets for graduation so that everyone who wants to come will have a seat.

I want to speak for a moment about the Chicken Nugget. I incorporate an entire night’s events with this one act of drunken stupidity. Yes, I ate Chicken McNuggets and very much regretted it for two days afterward. As I’ve cited at other junctures, switching my diet in this way has made my stomach sensitive to bad foods, such as anything McDonald’s. But I had been drinking and it is a night in which I can definitely attribute as a weak point. But, thankfully, as Amira has said, the body gives you signs, and with each slip and mistake I become stronger in my resolve.

And so I set out upon my goals. Starting out rather broad but focusing it in, and writing it all down here – thus forcing myself to do it, lest I become a liar to my readers (the term ‘lest’ is not used enough I find). Anyway – a big one: The change of lifestyle hasn’t thus far gone very far beyond just eating right, which I still screw up sometimes (as you all know). It is a New Year, and time to kick some more things off right. Next stop: Getting a better body. Not that I’m going to trade mine in like a used car, but I’ve done the dietary change, it’s about time to get an exercise regimen started. Nothing that would turn me into an iron-pumping muscle-giant, but more working on getting myself in better shape. I am getting back into running, starting into Yoga. Kayleigh, who’s been mentioned before is getting me onto that bandwagon (See Kayleigh! Two shout-outs as your own person now).

Because looking at all aspects of life, they seem to be connected. The body, mind and spirit. So far, the eating has caused a focusing on the body, which now I want to get into better shape: Meanwhile I noticed that eating right has helped me focus better and I’m sure working out, getting in shape will help as well. Now it’s just the spiritual side. I’ve done reading into a few different religions, but am still unsure about commitment to any. I am baptized Anglican but am open to others as well. Perhaps I’ll make it a goal to read the Koran over the next year. See what Islam is really all about. For both the spiritual and political reasons. Discover what’s really going on.

Also, forcing myself to sit down and write again. The blog and my column with the Xavarian are rather therapeutic and allow me to go off on those things which are important to me, and as my mom pointed out, I’m the most looked up ‘Adam McKechnie’ online, and so there’s a responsibility to my readers that I’ve been allowing to lapse over the past month or so. Actually exactly a month.

I intend to blow this final term out of the water. I have basically coasted through University, having lost my drive for excelling beyond that of the average. After a long and heart-felt talk with my mom, it seems rather appropriate that I finish off this, my last year with the kind of vigor that I used to put into my work.

I’d like to take a moment here if you’ll let me to talk about mothers and my mother in particular. She hasn’t been mentioned a lot here, except for her engagement and other such events. I will stipulate that I am a Momma’s Boy. And damn proud of it. Ever since I saw an interview with Mr. T saying “I pity the fool who isn’t a Momma’s Boy!”. Mr. T is man enough to be a Momma’s boy and proud of it, and so am I. She has been a constant in my life and has always pushed me and helped me when I needed it. She also has no issue with calling me on it when I’m slacking or doing things that I know are not to my potential or quality. So just a little shout out, love you Mom.

Finally, I’d like to have a job by the time I graduate. I’m not talking working at Central part-time or even full-time. Looking to relocate to a major city and have something (big options are Halifax or Ottawa), even if it’s entry-level in my field and getting started on Changing the World. We’ve got a planet that needs saving. Time to jump in and give a hand.

So once again, my heartfelt apologies for being so delinquent in my blogposts. Hopefully the torrent of new ones will make up for it. Enjoy my Christmas Stories, it will be told in 3 parts which will be posted right after this. After that, it won’t be until I get my article for next week done and probably back to Antigonish that you’ll get the story of my last day and travel back to the East Coast.

Cheers folks, and enjoy

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