Sunday, December 9, 2007

I Am The Flash

Hey Folks,

It's been a few days and there has been some adventuring, so it's about time to report it. I'm going to start with an event that started back in 1989. I'm talking of course about the Montreal Massacre that saw the deaths of 14 women and injury of many others at Ecole Polytechnique. And so on December 6th of every year, there are ceremonies promoting the end of Violence Against Women. Men wear a white women to show their support of ending this. There were several speeches, one by our President Sean Riley, another by Student's Union VP and good friend Marc Rodrigue. The one that struck me the most, however was from a student with our Coady Institute here on campus. It was a quote that just smacked me in the forehead with it's power, "Violence against women does not happen by accident. It is by design.' Such a powerful line, rocked me to the core.

It was a very solemn and respectful ceremony. Myself and my friend Natalie lit a candle in honour of a girl who has gone missing. Candles were lit for all of the women who died in the Massacre and for several others who have been killed because they were women. We then 'passed on the light' as everyone in the audience lit candles in support of passing along the message and becoming active in eliminating violence - emotional and mental as well as physical - against women.

From there I had lunch with my friend Kiva-Marie. We ate up at the Tall and Small, each getting a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Hers with Tomato and Pesto and mine with Green Onions and Peppers. Both coming with salads. I ate most of the salad as well, despite my generalized dislike of the dish. Well - it's not that I don't like salads, its just the vegetarian association with them. Like all we do is eat salads, when that's SO not true.

Anyway - we had lunch and it was tasty, had some good conversation and then headed back to campus. The next day I had an exam so I had to study, and our group from Environment and Society had a study session that evening. Oh my god - half the time we were just making jokes about the Prof and laughing at the random stupid things we would wind up saying. Studied for about 3 hours together and had a great time.

I believe the exam went well. I wrote for about an hour and a half, and did the questions to the best of my ability. There was never a point where I went "I have no clue what this is asking me" So I feel confident about it. Next up, Humans and the Environment next week. Should be fun. Several of us are getting together for a studygroup on Tuesday

Last night was a pretty fun night. Myself, Maureen and Tricia went down to New Glasgow to go see some of our friends perform. They're musician's who often do Open Mic night's here in town. We went down to give them some hometown support. Before we went there though, we hit up Zellers and the Mall. It was hilarious times. The three of talk a lot so for the car-ride and in the malls we just steamrolled each other over and over again in our conversations.

At Bluenotes I was able to get 3 new shirts for $10. Which is good because as I've lost weight all of my clothes have become stupidly baggy on me, so I needed some shirts that fit better. My favorite is the one with The Flash on it. lol. I saw it and just had to have it. They also had one with the Joker but I opted not to get that one. I wore The Flash shirt to the gig. There are several photos of me posing with it.

Anyway... the three of us (well two of us - Maureen was DD) had some drinks and ate some potato skins and listened and danced to some fun music. Tricia even got up and sang which was exciting for us. She has an excellent voice so it all worked out really well. I wish I could remember some of the quotes.

Except for the Potato Skins.... which I am hurting for today. Let it be known throughout the World that I slipped last night. On the Potato Skins came Bacon Bits - and wow. I don't even know how to describe. The guilty pleasure of it all. I felt like crying while eating it, but it was SO good. For all who are now afraid and curious, I'm still remaining a vegetarian. I just had a bit of a slip. I was hungry and they were there, and there you go. And I assure you, I'm paying for it today. My stomach hurts like you would not believe. And its not that 'I had a few too many beers and my stomach hurts' kindof thing. Its nearly crippling cramps (I exaggerate, its not that bad but its still painful) that have me basically under house arrest today.

So that's been my adventuring for the last few days. Supported the struggle to end violence against women and went and saw a show that has left me with pines in my digestive track. Ah well, I'll make it through.

Cheers all

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