Sunday, January 27, 2008


Hey Folks,

I have a few other more academic posts regarding what I've been reading and researching and some other fun ideas and memories, but for right now I need to talk a little bit about renting and housing problems.

I have a the flu, and am slowly recovering. What really helps is nice, hot showers and drinking lots of water. Except that as of about 3 AM, water ceased to come from our taps. I was very confused. Thankfully I had a bottle of water from inventory earlier in the day.

The water still is not back, the landlord is not home, and it's not an overall city problem. The guy with Public Works said my pipes are probably frozen. Makes me wish I knew more about the plumbing systems - like where the water enters the house. Makes me also wish I had a blowtorch if I could find said entry to melt the ice so I could take a shower. Though I'm sure there are a variety of consequences that would come from that.

Well - I think I might be calling the City again. Or perhaps my father, as he would know these kinds of things. It's just amazing. We are so dependent on water and yet it can get stopped up like this and we don't know what to do. It seems one of those essential things one must learn while living in a house. Looks like I'm going to learn today.

Cheers all

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Melissa Knott said...

It's so true...we are very dependent on water however since our bodies are mostly made of water, I think that makes sense. Anyways glad your water's back and running and that you didn't need to purchase a blowtorch to solve your own I expect if you did you would be waist deep in water by now by blowing the