Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well the Water is back.

And it was quite the experience. The landlords called me back up a bit later in the day, and came on over to take a look. Andrea said later that when she heard them she was like "Why didn't you just wake me up, I knew how to fix this from last time." Last time occurred before I lived there.

Anyway, so the landlord comes, and he checks it out - and good thing we didn't try to fix things because the pipe leading the water into the house by the pipe in the tupperware cupboard is not only frozen, but also ruptured. Thankfully, the water inside is frozen so we're not ankle deep in freezing city water.

And so, enter Gus the Plumber. Nice guy. You can tell he's been plumbing all of his life, family business probably been in the Antigonish area for generations. He came in, they cut out a length of pipe, replaced it and placed a pressure valve in as well. All told, from the time I left a message at 10 AM to the time it was fixed, they were done and cleaned up before my meeting at 2 PM. Not bad for a Sunday.

And so we have water again and are thriving once more. Though living in a house with three girls, if I get the shower last I still have basically no hot water left.

On the topic of water and local water supply however, I do have to send out a warning from some information I gathered earlier on in the week. As it turns out, Antigonish with its municipal water system has asbestos-lined pipes. Not so toxic as breathing it in, but still pretty toxic. So I'd suggest getting a Brita or better yet, though with risks of Bysphenyl A's, get bottles. And go for the bigger, refillable bottles to save plastic please.

Cheers all

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