Monday, October 5, 2009

5th Annual Belly Appreciation Day

Hi All,

In appreciation and support of Belly Appreciation Day, created by my good friend Emily, I thought I'd post the original email (as passed on to me through Ally of 'Ask Ally' and 'The Neighbourhood Zombie Watch') so that we may all bask in the loveliness that is Belly Appreciation Day, which actually also coincides with Alexander's Keith's Birthday. So drink a Keith's and Rub Your Belly!

It's October, most of you are feeling gloomy, it's probably raining (well it is here) and for some reason your belly probably looks more unsightly today than ever. Do not feel bad. Take a moment, rub your belly and be thankful that you have one. There are people in this world who don't. I know, it's a tragedy, but it is true!

The Steps to Accepting Your Belly:

1. Admit that you have a belly (and if you don't have one, call me and borrow some of mine! Just pretending you have one will work too).
2. Name your belly (Gertrude, Janine, Maynard, and Timmy the Tummy are already taken).
3. Give your belly a rub.
4. Talk to your belly (this might seem strange, but people talk to their pets, plants and computers. Why not talk to your belly?)
5. Love the belly.
6. Allow your belly to hang out (at least in the privacy of your own home). It needs to see the sunlight from time to time.
7. Rub and talk to your belly everyday.

If you love your belly, soon it will love you back. Don't listen to the beauty magazines! BELLIES ARE BEAUTIFUL! It's beautiful whether it is a big belly or a little belly. Most people are stuck with their belly forever, you might as well love it! Please pass the message along to any and everyone you know so that they, too, can learn to love their own bellies, whatever size or shape.

I love you all (and your bellies!) and I wish you the bestest Belly Day ever!


Everyone enjoy your belly day and your Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale!

Cheers all


Sandy Anger said...

Hellooo dear! I saw that you had an update and so I've read it, and added you to my blog roll! I hope that you've visited my site as well, mainly because we should bask in our awesomeness together. Happy Belly Day!

Anonymous said...

Oh Belly Day!

Can you believe that I totally forgot about it!!! I'm such a bad person!


Anonymous said...

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