Friday, September 4, 2009

House Husbandry

Well there have been a few jokes and comments (most from myself, but a few from others) about me being unemployed and at home every day. lol.

Anyway, as I sit here watching Rachael Ray (Bette Midler is the guest) I consider the house husbandry that I am currently doing. I am actively searching for employment, had an interview this week, but am still waiting on callbacks and such. I'm plastered all over this city, but nothing as of yet. September 9th is Post-Secondary Recruitment with the Canadian Government, anyone who is looking to get into the Civil Service should look into this. But I am otherwise unemployed and living on the dole, while Krystal brings home the bacon, literally and figuratively. lol.

Anyway, so I sit at home, watching my stories (mostly CSI's and MASH) and do things around the hosue. We moved into our new apartment - once it's all organized and decorated I'll be taking pics and I'll do a virtual facebook tour for everyone.

But for now, thats what I do. I'm unpacking, I'm decorating, hanging pictures and mirrors and valances and blinds, etc. So I'm a house husband, I also cook and clean and it's not so bad. Got to use my new barbecue last night, as I had made a tequila lime chicken and mexican rice. It was quite tasty. I also made oatmeal cookies. Regular ones, not my banana ones (no bananas). But they're still delicious. And so here I put one of the best points of being a house husband type person. Sometimes, I just lie on the couch and eat the cookies I baked while watching TV. Does it get much better than that? lol.

Also, I'm not trying to throw a meal together post 6 PM. I've got the day to plan it, and as for yesterday I saw the tequila lime chicken on Rachael Ray, and so had the time to whip the recipe together. Brilliant.

Sidenote: There is now a hot fudge sundae pop tart. yum.

Anyway, I'd better get to dishes and perhaps make a spot of lunch.

For all of you in London area, go to St. Mary's and go to Darjeeling Teahouse, opening soon (possibly already open, I'll update later on).

Cheers everyone


Sarah Rooyakkers said...

LOL you are wonderful my dear sir! Jeff has the experience of being a house husband as well. Then while he was away at school over the last week and a half, I got to be the sole person taking care of the household.... My lesson was that I should not rely on Jeff to do everything around the house, whether he's home or not. There's A LOT to do when there's only one person doing the work!!! Good luck in the job hunt dear! I'm sure something wonderful will come your way very soon!

ghostvoices said...

Awww, Adam. Hehe. I love your life. I would like to say that I am a housewife, but I have no significant other and live with my parents, so really I am just a lazy 12 year old inside a grown up person's body. I don't even make cookies that often anymore. That is how lazy I have become. It's all downhill once you stop with the cookies. Never stop with the cookies!

Also, this is Rachel. Also, I have a blog toooo.

I am adding you to my reading list! :)