Friday, December 4, 2009

Ending Violence Against Women

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Well it's that time of year - hitting just before christmas, after thanksgiving - that festive time of year when one gets soaked in the heavy rains on the way to work. As was my day - wasn't too bad though, I brought a change of clothes and all was well.

Something sparked in me today at work though, and I wanted to share it. It's a few days early, but those who know me are sure to forgive my being early for something for once, as opposed to being late.

On December 6th, people across Canada wear a white ribbon to signify solidarity in the pursuit of ending violence against women. Contrary to the belief of some, the abuse still occurs every day, and there are many women who are too afraid to come forward and receive the help and protection they desperately need to break free of the violent and abusive cycles that they have been trapped in.

This all came back to me today as I was reading the news, and came across an article discussing these points and bringing back some of the history for those who may be new to this day and even or were too young to remember what had happened that day. I myself was four when it happened.

The date of Dec. 6th is significant because on that date in 1989, 14 women were killed at the Polytechnique in Quebec, singled out by the killer through a deep-seeded mysoginistic hatred of women, feminism and all such advances therein.

Reading the stories brought about reflection and emotion in me, and I began to consider my life, and life of men and women, humanity in general, and how far we've come in twenty years in many ways on this front, but also how much further there still is to go.

One point of contention however, was that the article I was reading fell into the 'Entertainment' section. Which just felt wrong in my gut. I'm glad that it is receiving news coverage, but I'd consider this more news or life section, than 'entertainment'. but perhaps thats just me on a labelling rant.

I also have some reading material to suggest. In 'The Lovely Bones,' Susie Salmon was murdered on Dec. 6th, 1973. The movie comes out in a couple of weeks. I'd suggest everyone read it and see the movie. It's a story of staggering beauty and sorrow, which takes us through the afterlife of Susie Salmon as she experiences her family's grief and growth from her old heaven, while still being haunted by her attacker.

It's a fantastic book. I am also going to be compiling some links and I'll be adding them on for people to check out.

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