Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Crangrape Juice gives me heartburn

Sometimes titles can be quite literal. I'm sure the twix bar didn't help either.

Anyway, Easter. Chocolate and bunnies and eggs and Jesus oh my. It was an emotional one, but a good one. This was actually the first time in five years that I've been home for an Easter. Most often, as all of us who have gone through University would know, we are preparing for exams and finishing papers and theses at this point. Having graduated and recently moved home I was home this time - though I did miss the Catholic Easter vigil. Having lived in Antigonish these last five years, I've most often gone to catholic services, as many of my friends there are catholic and would be the ones I went to church with on said occasions.

But this is not a religious rant. Perhaps there will be one someday, but not today. Today's more about family and our connectivity and what happens when one is lost.

In the last post, I spoke of my grandfather, Roland Wood, and his passing back in December - and the void that is left in all of our lives after such a man who has had a positive influence has died. Earlier today, we went to the graveyard to interm his ashes into the wall. It's a nice little condo flat and he should be quite comfortable there. It's groundfloor and has a view of a garden. Groundfloor, mind you, as Dadda was always afraid of higher leveled rooms in buildings - He always wanted an easy escape route in case of fire.

Things like this, interming the ashes, and all the way back to the funeral and everything else are powerful things, meant to provide for times of mourning and closure. And I'm hoping that what we did today provides that closure. As the hurt becomes a little bit less each day, and the idea of him not sitting in his chair dispensing pearls of wisdom becomes more bearable, I hope we remember the lessons to be learned from him. Kind, generous and wise. All great qualities that I would aspire to have within myself and to confer upon others.

I also learned how to put up vinyl siding this weekend.

Anyway, I'm not writing anything very coherently anymore, so I am going to head to sleep.

Cheers all!

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