Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ends and Beginnings and Middles

Hey Folks,

Well it's no real secret anymore that I'm moving back to Ontario. I'm doing so this weekend actually - packing now. Packing's emotional, and I'm not ashamed to say I've cried a couple times today, packing up my Nova Scotia life.

It really is difficult to pick up and go - and I should know, I've moved 11 times in the last five years - this will be move 12. All over Antigonish, home and back, England and Halifax. So many houses and apartments, its dizzying sometimes. Though a tough skin does develop after a while - for a couple years I just lived out of a suitcase, not seeing any real reason to unpack fully since I was going to move again so soon.

I'm moving home because it's the right thing to do right now. As most people know, I lost my Grandfather over the Holidays, and right now my family is hurting. I by no means believe that moving home means all these problems will be fixed, but I feel I need to be there. Being there to help my grandmother and my mom and everyone else, as well as having that familial support will be helpful. I've also been gone for five years, and haven't spent any significant time with the famdamily in the last two. I'd like to go fishing with my Dad, and other such sentimental sappy things.

Beyond that, I have four weddings this summer. I'm standing in two, am a co-MC for another and walking my Mom down the aisle in September, and travel costs to live in NS and go back for all of them is prohibitive. So to be home for the summer is good for those reasons, at the very least. I can even help Sarah and Eric with some of the more intricate planning, which will be nice.

So why is it so hard to move then? With so many great things awaiting me back in Ontario, including greater opportunity to be in my field and get some more work experience? As most of you know, there's a special girl in my life. Her name's Krystal and she's an East Coaster (Nova Scotian, right from Halifax). And she was sneaky and nabbed my heart. My moving means that we'll be seperated for several months until she joins me in Ontario in the fall. But she also understands the reasons behind me going, and I'm so glad that she is so understanding and compassionate and supportive that she is willing to stick with me through this. It's a real testament to the character of the woman I've let into my heart, and whose let me into hers (am I getting brownie points yet? lol).

There are also other reasons - not the least of which I just plain love the East Coast and Halifax is a fantastic, vibrant city. the Farmer's Market and Waterfront give this place such a character. It's a living place full of history and culture, while still maintaining that Maritime charm and comfort. It truly is a home, and I have made some excellent friends here. There's a way of life out here that I'm going to miss when I return to the hustle and bustle of Ontario. But who knows, I may be back soon - Dalhousie has one of the lawschools that I am going to apply to, with an option to specialize in environmental issues, which is right up my alley.

Anyway, I apologize this is not more cheerful, but sometimes cheer is hard to come by. But I keep smiling - I'm excited to see my family and friends and spend some real quality time. I've been blessed with my time out here on the East Coast and to have met someone as wonderful as Krystal whom, though we will deal with the hardships of long distance, still have a lot of support in our relationship, and I believe we'll make it through with flying colours. Love you hunnie.

Cheers All,

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Melissa Knott said...

Long distance relationships can work...me and Matt are prime examples. We got into a relationship like 4 days before I moved to Niagar Falls. Crazy...yes (which is probably why I turned him down the first time) but he saw soemthing there, something he wasn't willing to let go and now here we are a year and a half later living together talking about marriages, kids and houses in our future. I think the long distance actually made us stronger because for the first 3 months, the only thing we could do was talk and e-mail and so you discover yeah it really is more of an attraction thing there's actual substance in this person. For you, obviously in a bit of a different situation since you and Krystal have been together for a while, the distance for the short time will make you two stronger, learn things about each other and yourselved that you didn't know was there. And before you know it Krystal will be over in Ontario in your arms where she belongs!!! Keep your head high and your optimism higher...I know you two will get over this small obsticle...afterall it is just distance!!!