Tuesday, March 11, 2008

30 000 lbs of bananas

Hey Folks,

In case you don't get the reference I'm on a bit of a Harry Chapin kick at the moment.

I wanted to say one more thing about the conference this weekend: APICS, as well as being an environmental studies conference has also struck upon becoming a low-impact conference, especially in the way of food services. All of the food was either vegetarian or vegan, thus reducing the carbon footprint significantly. They also centralized it, having everything walking distance, especially for those staying in hotels who had come from different schools to partake. It was very proactive of the organizing team, I must say.

Other than that, I think I am going to digress about folk music for a minute. I've been listening to some Harry Chapin, singing about love and lost love and family and life in general. It always warms my heart to hear him sing. One of those artists who really strikes the home cord. And if he were still alive today I'm sure he'd be an adament environmentalist. Folk music has always seemed to me to be attached to green movements, as it just feels organic. Accoustic guitars, the shaggy hair, soft, mellow tones. It's beautiful. I think of Chapin and I think of Simon and Garfunkel, and I know my more musically inclined friends and critics are going to attack me for missing other obvious folk singers, but these are just a few of my personal favorites, and music is a very personal thing, so there you go.

To me though, their songs of love, life, heartbreak, etc. They really connected in an intelligent and lyrical way. Harry Chapin would tell a story through his songs that could move one to tears. As I've said many times, my life is a Paul Simon song. There's a song written by him that attaches itself to just about any important event or person in my life. When the movie of my life is made, it will be set to a Paul Simon soundtrack. lol.

Anyway, the tired musings of a student I suppose. Little sleep last night, and early morning this morning are condusive of that. Though a nice ramble on simple topics is always nice, and I'd suggest everyone do it from time to time.

Well, I'm heading down to Scrampton Pennsylvania. Or maybe 16 Parkside Lane. Haven't decided yet.

Cheers all

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